LEADER – the end is nigh!

We close to Full applications on 3rd December 2018. If your Invitation to Apply email has an earlier date and you still wish to apply , let me know and I will extend your deadline date (otherwise your application will be withdrawn).

Our Next Panel

The Submission deadline for our next panel is fast approaching.

If your project is wanting to start any time after 5th  June 2018, the Full Application and all Supporting Documentation must be submitted electronically and hardcopy to me by midnight 6th March 2018.


If you are submitting for the June panel, drop me a line to let me know if you need advice. Please do not ask for advice on the deadline date; I will be too busy answering everyone’s questions, you will be in a long line and you may not get an answer in time.


You can submit your project at anytime of course – even if you want to start after June 2018 – because the earlier you submit, the earlier the grant can be allocated to your project. Remember to allow up 12 weeks from submitting the Application to getting a decision.


Panel dates and deadlines are on our website www.yorkshiredalesleader.co.uk/apply – plan ahead in order to start when you want to J


Hints and Tips on submitting a Full application

Afore yea press the send button

  • Re-read the Application guidelines – just to be sure nothing has been missed
  • Do a last check – is the start date on 032 Excel sheet realistic – and is it for a date in the future?
  • Is 032 Excel sheet fully completed? VAT numbers, Company Numbers, 3 suppliers listed for each cost item?
  • Tick all boxes of the Supporting Documents checklist. It’s there to help you remember what to send as a hardcopy.

Afore yea post the Full Application

  • Re-read the Application guidelines – just to be sure nothing has been missed
  • Tick all boxes of the Supporting Documents checklist. It’s there to help you remember what to send as a hardcopy.
  • Consider sending recorded delivery to be sure your application arrives. The application is of value – we start processing it when we receive the hardcopy, so no-one wants delays
  • Is everything included that we need? Applications regretfully may be rejected if information is missing
  • Do a last quotes check – are they dated? Do they have your name and address on them? If not don’t send in your application, get a requote instead.
  • DO NOT send in a half completed application – it will be rejected


Still not looked at your Full Application Guidance?

Don’t worry, it’s only human.

Since we first issued applications, the forms have changed considerably. The current versions are really simple and straightforward to complete. If you think you might still be on an old version, just drop me a line and I’ll email over the current forms.

Any questions on the form? Just drop me an email and I can give you an answer in writing (it’s easier to look back on rather than trying to remember what I said or reading scribbled notes taken while we chatted).

Remember, I am more than happy to come out and see you to help go through the application if it would help – just ask and offer several dates/times.

A well put together application means it will go through to Appraisal and the panel much smoother, so it’s of benefit to all of us to get everything spit spot and perfect .



About Rima Berry

I champion equitable community development, knowledge exchange and seeing the bigger picture.
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