The Yorkshire Dales LAG submitted a new Local Development Strategy in 2014 and was approved for LEADER funding of £2.23 million in January 2015. 

The new Local Development Strategy ran from 2014- 2020.

Our LEADER Programme 2014-2020

The aim of our LEADER Programme in 2014-2020 was to ;

“To grow a sustainable rural economy by developing diverse economic growth and creating sustainable communities, capitalising on the areas internationally recognised distinctive environment, landscape, culture and heritage.”

We supported actions under our 6 priorities that :

  1. Strengthen the tourism industry building on the cultural, heritage and natural assets and the Dales identity;
  2. Improve the sustainability for upland land management in the Dales;
  3. Support the development of the local bioenergy* and renewable energy supply chains;
  4. Support entrepreneurship and enable business growth;
  5. Encourage the participation of young people and women in rural enterprise;
  6. Sustain and enhance rural services.

*The bio-economy focuses on the production and use of renewable biological resources and their conversion into value added product, – bioenergy. Forestry is at the heart of this concept.


For more information about our Local Development Strategy 2014-2020 please refer to our website, www.yorkshiredalesleader.co.uk .

The website and Blog is no longer being overseen or monitored.

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